Reviews for "Jump Out! The Box"

Cool game!

Pretty good, reminds me of Angry Birds. Challenging.

Well I liked it, but its just a game copied from a different site. Right when I saw A10 i knew it wouldnt be bad. Its fun to play through but there are only like 16 levels.

Alex2Dio responds:

Actually there are 20 levels. And the next game of this series will be released soon, so levels will be more!

Hey Alex! What if fluttershy is in love with our god of spite? That mite be fluttershy's husband!

The animation at the start is some of the best animation I've seen. 5 stars.

The game unfortunately spoils the whole experience. It starts off easy then becomes frustrating by the second half. Not challenging, just frustrating. Bugs don't bounce enough, will lose momentum too quickly and the fact that you need to rescue all the bugs means completion seems impossible. Bumpers means reliance on chaos theory.