Reviews for "Electric Rubber 2"

not bad not bad at all i rate 5 in a half

applessmillion responds:

Thanks ^_^

The game is great, but I'm not sure if not bugged. I have a feeling that the rubbing and capacity upgrades, especially taken from the shop, have much stronger effect than it is written on them, for example when I bought a +10K upgrade my only plant got +30K, also after purchasing several rubbing upgrades I don't know how, but my rubbing power is over 4000, thjs makes the idle gains and clicking completely useless. I'm not sure if it was supposed to work this way, because it makes the game much much more easier.

applessmillion responds:

Will check
Checked, and nerfed some things.

Great game, love the music, the money concept of it, one thing I've noticed is that the little board that gives your stats says idle earnings in watts, while the rest are in joules, but other than that, great game, and plenty of achievements.

applessmillion responds:

Watts are Joules per second, and well, yeah. Probably will change

I have just begun playing, but I can tell this is a really good idle game

Very nice work, applessmillion.
Now I can't sleep.
Thanks for the addiction.

applessmillion responds:

Just woke up to this comment
Thanks for the positive review :)

Oh, what have you done to me, applessmillion? I won't see my bed for days!