Reviews for "Electric Rubber 2"

Every time I leave the settings menu, the music turns off.

applessmillion responds:

Thanks for the report and rating!

Greaaaaaaaaaat! i love this one, such energy! so cool! also i'm the 4th on Joules board with 572,000 and 3rd on time with 00:35:24:45 i tough if i never could do things like this! i'm so proud of me :D and great game ;D

applessmillion responds:

Thanks for the review and rating ^_^ Glad you found fun out of the game and congrats!

neat game 60% rating

There was some broken things, let me list them here

#1: click power. This is utterly useless and actually slows down your profit. So you need to balance this out. This should have been an obvious problem in game testing when you player can click once every 8 seconds for 8000, but generates over 100,000 a SECOND by rubbing. This is a critical error. (-14% rating)

#2: idle earning is just as broken as click power, 1500 a second while rubbing gets over 100,00 a second. This generates SO SLOW that the money the player invests in it, will likely NEVER be seen as profit. This is another obvious problem and critical error that should have been fixed while testing. (-14% rating)

#3: by gaining a mere 4.5k click power by buying the click upgrades in the shop, the click cool down is slowed down a whopping 5 SECONDS. As said before when you generate 100,000 a second by rubbing, slowing something down 5 seconds (500,000 of potential energy worth of time) just to gain 4500 per click is very unbalanced. This is supposed to be a power move, not something that SLOWS YOU DOWN.. right? (-10% rating)

#4: the click lags for a second before it give you the energy making the player click multiple times to make sure it works. Not a big deal though. (-1% rating)

#5: why is it a HIDDEN challenge to click on the settings? Since you named it "settings" its pretty self explanatory, so what was your thought process on that exactly? (-1% rating)

So with the problems listed above your game boils down in to 2 and a half objectives. Upgrade rub power, and upgrade discount to 77%. Having a bigger battery save a tiny bit of time so I wont dock points for that being irrelevant, because it does SLIGHTLY help you gain money faster by selling in larger quantity. Every thing else you can upgrade is completely broken and irrelevant.

I was sad that the discount didn't go above 100%. It stops at 77%. It would have been a cool way to end the game to go into insane finish mode when upgrading pays you cash instead.

did it in 53 min

I havent had the same problems as the other comments, but my mouse disappears seemingly after returning to the main screen from the conversion store. It really gets in the way but besides that this game is awesome!

applessmillion responds:

That's really odd, no idea why that may be happening to you. Have nothing directly modifying the cursor.