Reviews for "Electric Rubber 2"


Game doesn't "play" at all. Using Firefox.

When you start the game you are immediately given two medals. Clicking does nothing. Moving the mouse around does nothing. Nothing does anything. Refreshing the game doesn't help. At least the first Electric Rubber game was more functional than this and only had a single medal which was bugged and not obtainable.

Money $0 Energy $0 in perpetuity.

*Sigh* Maybe I'll go try this under Chrome...

Extremely short and not as idle or clickery as it sounds, the Shop doesn't always work that well and the jump from any other medal to the million takes a very long time. But other than that, I really liked it. Very good game.

Really short.
I managed to get all the upgrades and medals, upgrade every possible thing to 50, under 30 minutes. Not really an idle game either, since it takes so little time to get maximum amount of energy. When you get the quick buy upgrade, the tediousness of converting goes away, and the game becomes easy.
Just upgrade capacity and rubbing. You'll get everything in a short period of time.

it wont let me upgrade anything!