Reviews for "Electric Rubber 2"

Pretty good game, better than the last installment. I've gotten to the point where I've pretty much broken the game. Since values in this game are stored at a max of an " int " (integer), I've managed to reach the threshold with my cash and now I'm at -2,147,483,648 and rising. Biggest suggestion there would be to either go up to using a " long " or put a stop on it so you can't reach overflow and flip into the negatives.

This game is just like the previous one though where buying the passive idle upgrades are eventually far superior to any of the other upgrades. The idle upgrade actually grows in amount with each purchase as where the rub and click seem to be locked at 2 and 50 respectively for each increase. I'm currently earning 1207457 Watts per second in doing idle. That is level 3104 of the idle upgrade for those wondering.

From my experience playing the game. Either many of the players above me on the various high scores either found tricks I didn't or they edited their save file where ever it is stored.

I hate games like this but at the same time it's wonderful.
I like the idea of a rubbing game rather than the traditional clicker game. I got all the achievements in 40 minutes! Also my capacity is a whopping 3.155 megajoules.

I love this game but there should be more upgrades bec under like 12 hours i Compleated all the upgrades and Stuff

awesome game its just sooo addicting i LOVE IT