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Reviews for "Lemmings HTML5"

Great game! Oh the memories of Lemmings on a 3.25" floppy....

Great port of this old game ! I won the 22 first levels but the followings are too hard...!

nostalgia train inbound!! dude you're a hero, heres five stars! If theres any one playing this thinking that its too easy... YOU JUST F**KING WAIT.
(it gets harder around lvl 22)

There should be a hot key for fast forward... i cant seem to find it, for those who don't know here are the hot keys i found (this should be in your game description bro)

P- pause: this is very useful to rapidly switch between ability's and can help slow things down at critical times in harder levels.
1- CLIMB: this ability lets your character climb vertically, its good to separate a team leader using this, be warned that the only way he can turn around is by using stairs against a wall, or by hitting the ceiling (and possibly falling to his death)
2 UMBRELLA this prevents your character falling to his death. Its important to remember if you give this to your team leader to have him build a path OTHERS CAN FOLLOW with out falling to their death.
3 BOMB: This blows up the character destroying soft blocks around him AND STAIRS. Its important to note that this is one of 3 ways to get rid of a guard when your are ready to move your group. Its also important to know that this can penetrate directional soft blocks meaning you can go against the grain using this. Make sure your guards are not on important stairs, because when you blow them up it will destroy them.
4 GUARD: this immobilizes a lemming and prevents others from passing. Note that if you are building stairs, and the builder runs into a guard, he will keep building but reverse his direction unlike a wall. the three ways to bypass a guard are to blow him up, build a ladder to pass him, and lastly, if you need the guard alive, use a pick axe at his feet, once the ground from below him is gone and he falls, he returns to normal. Try not to blow them up on important stairs, place them elsewhere.
5 STAIRS: Create a set of stairs. Ive noticed that while a lemming is building stairs, he is immune to wall traps. Place a guard beforehand if you need the direction of the stairs reversed mid-build. stairs are a great way to get some one to stop digging or mining, also building into a wall will have a character turn around, instead of climbing it if that is equipped. Stairs is a good way to separate the last lemming from the group if they were to fall into a hole, making your last character the team leader. Dont be afraid to destroy stairs to prevent the mob from climbing it, then rebuild when necessary.
6 TUNNEL: has character dig horizontally.
7 MINE: Has character dig diagonally downwards. This creates a stair like effect in its trail.
8 DIG: Digs straight down. This is a good death free alternative from guarding to separate the mob from your team leader by digging a hole, then have the digger place one stair to stop digging. Have the last character build stairs over the hole so he wont fall in so he can build a path. to get your mob out when ready place stairs. Note that if you tunnel or mine while digging, he will go in the direction HE WAS LAST HEADING.

a general tip to solve most levels, is to designate a team leader and trap the rest. This leader will build the entire path and let the rest follow when done. some times you will need a back up team leader, so isolate him for the time when you need him. If he is not isolated he will probably die while team leader 1 has not finished a trail. if you need 3-6 builders to finish a build, that when it gets tricky. Try to finish as much as you can with the 1st guy, THEN call in the 2nd group when it is SAFE. Try to make it as safe as possible when building with more the 2 people.

***I do not recommend using a guide to solve any level which is why i gave hints instead of spoiling the solution, because once you see the exact answer, whats the point of beating the level? to double check THEIR solution? Its like buying a puzzle thats already been put together with no way of takeing it apart ever again. If you are truly stumped on a level you can always look it up on youtube if you just want to know the answer. Keep in mind, that level will never be able for you to solve your self after that. So instead i provide tips on the levels with out giving you step by step instructions.

LVL 22: this is a dangerous lvl. What you have to focus on is negating falling damage some how for the group(s). Should they group up before they go down, or after?
LVL 23 Heaven can wait: Theres no guards, and NO ONE CAN DIE. So the only goal here is to build a stair case with out anyone falling off. You need to buy yourself some time as the name suggests, but how? Once you figure that out, the level is easy.
lvl 24 Lend a helping hand: This level is a pain. The wall traps are not as dangerous as they look. The lemming has to come in full contact with the trap to set it off. So if hes legs hit it, or his upper body, he should be fine. Keep in mind that some one building stairs will not set off the wall trap if he hits it while hes building.
lvl 25 Prison: Flame traps are NEVER passable. Never consider that an option to go through them. Here you need to figure out which exit to take. A question to ask yourself, do you have a choice? while the bars can some times be destroyed with one tunnel, some times they cant, its also really annoying when they fall between the bars and leaves it up to a 50/50 chance to dig the right way.
lvl 26 Compression: Traps will not kill groups of lemmings, only one at a time. It takes a while to recharge after killing. The name of the map is a hint of its self. its an easy level don't over think it, just try it.
lvl 27 every lemming for himself: we have seen this level before... but now its harder. How can you get some one to exploit the rocks weakness? One direction blocks have 3 weaknesses, diging down from ontop, tunneling in the direction, or explosions from any side.
lvl 28 art gallery: did you know you can tunnel while climbing?
lvl 29 PERSEVERANCE: The last lemmings take forever to spawn so they fall to their death. This is a problem that can be fixed easily. You will also have to find a way other then luck to get them all to face the right direction once they are on the ground. You have 2 digs, so i guess they dont HAVE to all go down at the same time?
lvl 30 IZZY: Your going to need a team leader but how? no one can die. Make sure his path is one that others can follow. Note That if your stairs accidentally dont reach high enough, just use horizontal tunnel to break into the next platform.
Lvl 31 STEEL WORKS: you must solve the falling crisis using umbrellas. Note that they only need about three steps of the stairs to stop dieing, do no need to waist time making a full set. They give you enough umbrellas to have three team leaders, do you need them all? note that time AND stairs are a limited resource on this level. So when you use stairs, try to get the most out of each one.
LVL 32 BOILER ROOM: oh man this level SUCKED. But i felt really good for figuring it out. This is by far the hardest level. Just keep in mind that GOING THROUGH FLAMES IS ALWAYS OUT OF THE QUESTION. Rule that method out from the start. I probably wasted 30 minutes considering that a maybe possible option. You will have to go around the fire some how. Metal blocks you from going above the fire so that will not work. Your only option is to some how get up from underneath the exit... how can you destroy blocks above you though?? the answer is satisfying. Everything is possible in this game don't give up.
LVL 33: ITS HERO TIME: This level should be called "HERO AND HIS SIDEKICK" note that no one can die, and time is VERY limited. They are looking for a very specific solution to this level that when performed perfectly will only leave you with 1 second left. Note that your "hero" will finish seperate from the group, and your side kick will have to finish with, or before the group or you will time out. With out giving away the answer, make sure you side kick turns around WHILE he performs his side kick duties by running into the tip of the platform.
LVL 34 CROSS ROADS: easy level, just look ahead and plan where you are going to dig, make sure no one gets turned around or you will run out of time, just spam tunnel on the guy who is in front of the mob when you reach a wall you are going to break to prevent this. Look ahead at where your going and stick to your path.
LVL 35 DOWN UP ALONG: The level is solved exactly as the name suggests. We warned of fall damage. You have plenty of guards, but don't waist to many. If you decide to separate you guys out, make sure you have enough guards at the end if your strategy requires them. See stairs guide.
LVL 36 ONE WAY OR ANOTHER:Try taking a step back and looking at the course as a whole, instead of 2 sides you can choose between. ITS A TOTAL TIME CRUNCH. i finished the course with 3 seconds to spare, and i needed every second of it.
LVL 37 POLES APART: i hate this level, I barely found it worth completing once i knew the solution because it all came down to timing and you have to start the level over if you get it wrong. to start you need to figure out a way to buy your self some time to isolate the entire mob. You can use climb to isolate a leader, so don't worry about him. Make Good choices about sacrificing lemmings, as this is allowed on this map, but you cant let to many fall. you only have 3 tunnels, so how are you going to get past the other poles? The answer is very tedious... and requires pin point timing or you will leave a tiny bit of wall behind....
LVL 38 ROTTEN EGG: remember the 3 weaknesses of a one directional block, digging from above, digging in the right direction, or explosions from any side.
LVL 39 PHARAOH: be wary of your ladders, they are limited and you may need extras at the end. Its prety self explanatory. If you so wish, you dont have the kill your guard, you can mine him out and create a wall underneath him from the mine and use him as a bomb later This is not necessary tho. I hate trying to perform a directional action when the mob is going in both directions, to prevent this, try to preform tunneling as soon as the fist lemming is there before he gets turned around to prevent wasting digs in the wrong direction.
LVL 40 HERCULES: Prety easy level, you need to choose a side. For added challenge, try beating the other side. To save you the trouble of trial and error, yes you can walk on those thin lines with out falling though (some times it glitches and you fall though). yes, the stepping block in the middle on the right side will require a ladder to get over, or you will fall when you hit it. Yes, you have plenty of ladders to make a huge staircase. Yes, you have plenty of time to save the falling lemons, about 15 of them die when done semi slow. Watch out for a glitch when building, your builder will build straight through the walls some times.

Christ this took me 2 hours to type. I hope this helps at least one f**king person.

PaulHTML5 responds:

Thanks for the great write-up! I think I will add some more instructions to the game description as you mentioned, as it seems there are a few people on here that haven't played Lemmings before.

Sweet memories! Excellent port and nothing to add other than 5/5!

the music reminds me of old midis.

i have no idea how to play lemmings. so i lost just staring at them walking around. oh well. it does look fun. it's just not very intuitive. that doesn't nesessarily have to be a problem you know. if you had a manual or something.

PaulHTML5 responds:

Here's a youtube video showing the basic concepts for those who haven't played it before - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djHcxLSB-bQ - it's from the Amiga version, but the gameplay is basically the same in this HTML5 version.