Reviews for "Sneaky Bay Day 6"

Naughty Fritz! How he crossed the water and hid in the cave? :P

I found a code on a compass. However, it's not being used in this episode. Well, ...

The cousin make surfing look so easy but it's not.

selfdefiant responds:

Yep, she is a pro! :)

great game as always. I have also found bug. If you light up fire first, lighter disappears and you can't light up lantern.

Damn it took me forever to find the code for the suitcase and had to use the walkthrough :( Should have known from previous games! :(

Regardless ALWAYS fun! Cant wait for the next one.

Fairly easier than usual. I notice some bugs. If you return the canoe it becomes no longer available. Also if you recharge the cell last you can sleep before night at least by the window perspective.