Reviews for "Anime in a Nutshell アニメ一言"

the good- clean quality, very smooth cut animation, theme, music and uh..."anime fusion thing" blended very nicely. the short length actually left you yearning for more (my reaction was replay was hit at least 3 times) the animation was synced well with the live action still frame animation (bare in mind 2 totally different dimensions), humour got 10 fold ratings, visual was vibrant and rich as was audio.

the bad- live action still frame motion technique was just a tad bit cliché (and it was too predictable the anime was going to be coming from the peanut shown due to the still motion leading to climax was too obvious, unless of course if that was the aim then ignore this part of critique), maybe if there was more interaction between the 2 dimensions of animation types it would change it from being cliché to creatively innovative, the animation of the boobs was synced well to sound but it was a bit lacking, they were moving in the same way to pronounce every syllable, that could have been done even just a little to look like they were pronouncing syllables by animating the last syllable of the first line, the sound of "zuuu" which sounds like "oooo" as in "ooze" but the animation still looked like aaa aaa aaa aaa aa a aaaaaaaa aa aaaaa aa aaaaa aa right through.

the ugly- there wasn't anymore to watch as this animation can easily well become addicting.

I'm with her right boob.
Coffee is better.

See this is what happens as the result of nuclear bombs and radioactive explosions.

People think anime is weird? Over there it's just a documentary on daily life. Due to the radiation, everyone is mutated and have huge eyes if not outright monsters. Some of the population have huge tentacles, some have talking faces on their boobs, and some look like robots (but they're really just mutants that look like robots and not actually robots).

See, I told you we should have just let Godzilla finish the job but noooo! People didn't listen and now we have these mutants running around that come out of peanuts because of that.

MentalSkull responds:

Ears fell off

Wow, all that and the tentacles too? You didn't get it all into a nutshell but damn if you didn't pack a lot into that peanut. I think the biggest omission was the young school girl violated by many tentacles (that were present at least!) and another one was the hermaphrodites with dicks the size of telephone poles and testicles the size of LARGE watermelons. Then again I guess there are lines some animators will not cross.

Then again does Hentai count in Anime? I would say it does...

OH, here is the one you did not get especially, whining teenage girls sent to fight battles in huge robots having emotional breakdowns at critical points in the battle where all they do is cry while their robot is getting trashed instead of inflicting red hot electric death on everything. Also glaringly missing was Samurai and Ninja riding motorcycles. And no overly cute animals?

I will note that you did have HUGE boobies so that forced me to almost give you the fourth star! Had you have included girls with big guns WITH big guns you would have gotten that 4th star for sure.

Not bad. It also was weirdly funny. Domo Arigato my friend, Domo Arigato.

To say this is accurate is an understatement