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Reviews for "Cube Escape: Case 23"

Ok. Lets Win. K Phew...

I LOVE THE CUBE ESCAPE and this is very good :D

Wait...I think that woman that got murdered is (SPOILER) the same one we saw get murdered in the moon in Seasons. Thees games are a trip, I love them so much.

Another brilliant chapter. Creepy, challenging, unique. I've noticed a number of similarities in these games, and I can't help but wonder if it's merely the style of the series, or if it's all leading up to something. Is there an overall story arc? Or is this just a backdrop for mysteries?

Chapter 1
I enjoyed solving the bookshelf puzzle which required some thinking. The crossword puzzle was easy to guess although I hadn't found all the clues. Thanks to the walk through, I couldn't figure out what to do with the flies. Also, it took me many trials before I succeeded in leading a fly to a designated location. Tip: Let the fly burn itself before clicking again or it might float back to the surface.

Chapter 2
I enjoyed using a projector to find clues on a number sheet and a map. Perhaps, I was tired. I felt lost half way through the game having three numbers in my head and an egg after experimenting stuff in a cube. Again, the walk through was helpful.

Chapter 3
Puzzles were easier than the previous two chapters. At least, I figured out everything by myself.

Chapter 4
I didn't expect that there was a time constraint to flee. It took me more than five times before I sorted out the tasks and got into a hidden elevator on time! Phew, I finally escaped. Yet, how the lady was murdered remained a mystery.

One suggestion to RustyLake is to have these chapters broken up into three or four series since the first two chapters could take up quite some time to solve.