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Reviews for "Cube Escape: Case 23"


This was going so great, why did you have to put something something like a slide puzzle? It's a skill that not everyone has and it takes waay too much time that breaks the rythm of the gameplay.

That ending was bullshit, expecting me run around doing six fucking things at once and by the time I finished I'm to pissed off to actually enjoy it. WTF. Other games were way better than this.

Got stuck at the fish. I guided the fly to the shell, then the fish. The fish ate it....and another fly appears. I did this a few times, and I didn't see any change. I went to a walkthrough and I'm supposed to get a key from the fish? Didn't work for me. I quit playing when the walkthrough shows I only need to do it once.

Great game. loved the puzzles. Playing this and watching Penny Dreadful wasnt a good way to spend my night. 2scary4me.