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Reviews for "Top Naut"

game not working

Flatthead responds:

Make sure your flash player is up to date. Everything seems to be up and running.

Its not bad actually, and it is pretty entertaining. Although, the missile/asteroid hitboxes should be a bit smaller

A fun mini-game. I liked the art-style but agree that it could use a little more variety. I also think the hit-boxes for the missiles/asteroids could be a little smaller, but if there was one thing that I want the most it would be the ability to duck/slide.

Very well done! Also, very, very addicting! Just saying, the screen is very tiny for PC users, so yeah, you should probably change that. I love the graphics and the sound effects but needs music to accompany it. You could also add in a coin system where you could buy new "Nauts". Overall, great game! Can't wait for you to make another one!