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Reviews for "Top Naut"

Well, this game certainly got me hooked. Granted, that's only because of how hard it is. I want medals! It's a pretty creative game. It does look like it was made in a short amount of time. There could have been more detail. Maybe I get really high, something will happen.

It really takes getting used to. I can't say much else, as it's basically the same thing over and over. The graphics were actually pretty good. It's not quite my thing. If you want a challenge, go for this!

Great Graphics but I got bored fairly quickly.

It's not a bad game at all; it just needs a tune up. The hit box on the naut is ridiculous and the controls are float-y. I agree with previous comments that a key restart would be a good addition. Good art, good music, simple concept but just lacks the little things that coulda pushed this a little higher.

Pretty difficult; after playing a few minutes I finally got a high score of 28. Also, I noticed you helpfully prevented players from restarting the game using keys, so every time the player dies they have to reach over to the mouse, then reach back to the keyboard.

Decent simple game. Pretty ok controls are a bit stiff and not fleshed out. Concept seems a bit dull and repetitive.