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Reviews for "Top Naut"

Just more of the same complaints from me. Ideally you should be able to restart via the keyboard; instead of just pressing the space key or something like that though, try making it so the game starts by holding down right? (That's what I thought you were supposed to do at first anyhow).

Also the meteorite obstacles tend to be a little weird with them hitting you when they look to be slightly above you. The ones you gotta jump over are fine, but sometimes it looks like you can walk under one when you can't. Great start otherwise!

Solid game. Addictive, challenging, but simple. I only have two problems, one is that you have to grab your mouse/track-pad every time you die to restart, second, I feel like sometimes the obstacles clip me without me really touching them. Maybe you could re-size the hit boxes?

Flatthead responds:

Asteroid hit boxes re-sized - and you can now press "enter" to start the game! Hope this helps!

Would you mind fixing the issue with the play/continue button? It really gets on your nerves if you have to alternate between the mouse and the keyboard all the time.

Flatthead responds:

We will get to fixing that - you should now be able to press "ENTER" in order to start the game!

While it's nothing INSANELY new it's still fun...until you die....and have to grab your mouse or move to your laptop's pad...not easy to get hooked on something that requires two methods of control...

It WOULD be fun if I could MOVE.