Reviews for "Qubit"

It's a great game that you can sink a lot of time into, but it's simply ruined by having to click "again" every time you die, which makes no sense because this is a keyboard only game. It becomes really annoying when playing the puzzle maps, where failure is frequent.

Also no arrow keys, it just seems kind of lazy to have 3 different control schemes and not one to be arrow keys, which some people are used to. I don't even see the point of the 2 other schemes, you can't be fast enough with a mouse to get far in the puzzles.

Otherwise it's a good game, would be cool to have different maps for arcade

ClayByte responds:

Woah! Uploaded this game a while ago, didn't expect so much feedback! I'm glad to see so many others like yourself enjoying the game. It was originally designed for Android, and I sort of quickly hacked it to work on computer as well. Evidently I didn't think through it enough.

You're absolutely right, I was being pretty lazy, and unfortunately I'm currently very busy, so I may not update this game anytime soon... HOWEVER, once to do get the chance, I will make it much more keyboard friendly, as you and so many others suggested.

:D have a good one

Edit: added some keyboard friendly stuff (check description)

I have a difficult time using the movement controls. I know W is up but it looks north east on the screen. And pressing D is east but its east south. It is throwing me off. I feel unhappy playing the game when up, down, right and left are not exact directions. Iso metric view is cool, but the controls don't feel to friendly to me. Awesome music. I like how simple technique were used to create a cool game. Keep it up

What this game needs to elevate it from good to great is for the puzzle mode to have discrete time units/ticks/no autogo/whatever you want to call ti, so that people don't spend 20 minutes trying to execute a solution that they have already figured out. It would also be nice if collision detection had rotational symmetry, but that's only an issue in a few levels.

ClayByte responds:

Unfortunately I am relatively swamped with work, and I haven't had much time to update much of what I made. I hope eventually to implement a glowing grid-like system which would show where your next move will take you so that it's much more clear when you press input what the result will be.

At least you think the game is good :)

Could you please please PLEASE make an option to use arrow keys? I am not used to WASD and if this were arrow key oriented I'd actually be able to play it. It looks amazingly fun also good graphics.

ClayByte responds:

You ask and you shall receive, I'll make it so you can use arrow keys as well. Sorry it took such a long time to respond :)

The games very fun and addicting, but I'm not too fond of the music.

ClayByte responds:

Ya, the arcade mode's music will change :)