Reviews for "Qubit"

I like the concept but the controls could use some work.

Finally had to give up on level 4 of the "jerk" puzzles. The controls are bullshit. I thought it was going to be consistent where you just press a direction and it goes that way after you finish your roll, knowing you can't change directions during a roll. But apparently you can change directions during a roll, so you don't even know what's gonna happen when you press a direction.

The game is amazing, nice concept and how you produced it, but for some reason once i get the Loaf, Claybyte, Too Stronk, Extra Fuel and the Soft Reset Upgrades the story doesn't advance and i got to the point i can't advance. (Nvm, found out what to do, good game)

ClayByte responds:

Wooohooo! You da bomb! Good work.

Quite a fun game. The Arcade section was particularly enjoyable.

Unfortunately, as others have commented, the press-and-release controls just make the Puzzles needlessly challenging - the interface itself becomes your opponent.

Reminds me of Intelligent Qube (I.Q.) on playstation, although the gameplay is way different. Really nice!