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Reviews for "Gloom in the Sandy Pit"

Interesting style nice animation and clean voices. Can't wait to see more from these stories.

noiserover responds:

Thanks, more to come!

Amazing as always, i love the voice work.

noiserover responds:


Thanks again for including me as Perry. This was a great experience and you're an awesome dude to work with. Came out great! Looking forward to more work with you in the future!

Hah, I just realized my username's fitting with the character. Funny.

noiserover responds:

Great working with you too!

Everytime I watch your videos, I am reminded of Frisky Dingo, or any other Adult Swim cartoon.
This stuff is simply amazing.Thank you for making all these.

noiserover responds:

Thank you!

Honestly, I'm just in love with your series and work. I get frustrated when I see your stuff with less than 4 stars. I guess people want more of a 'cookie cutter' story with a punchline or something they can grasp or get. They don't see the vision or originality or intelligence that is woven into your animations. All the comments I see are pretty positive though, which is encouraging to some degree. -end rant-
This is refreshing, inspiring, edgy, progressive, innovative, authentic, and beautiful. And not just this episode, but ALL the episodes.
You're like the next David Firth, just on a different playing field and no one realizes it yet (Hope it's okay for me to say that).
One last thing, someone told my band once that I think is true for you. "You're so good that it'll take longer for you to gain popularity or be something "bigger," cause that's just how the industry works. If you're boundless, then the industry can't keep you within THEIR bounds of what they want or know will keep people comfortable."
Anyways, I've rambled. Hope something about my review makes sense to you and you can use it for inspiration for future projects.
Seriously love it man.

noiserover responds:

Thanks, it's nice to hear! I get what your saying and I really appreciate the great review. That kind of stuff definitely helps keep me wanting to show the stuff I create.