Reviews for "Sneaky Bay Day 5"

Not bad. Short and sweet - nothing new (assuming you've played the previous four).

Damn fish had me stumped - I found it before I got the net - but couldn't remember where I found it. Forgot that both sides of the pier are different...

I suppose someone had to say it...
"On day five I was no longer concerned with the fact that Grandpa was installing various furniture and appliances whilst I slept... I was more concerned that fruity old Uncle Phil had moved in next door, and promised me a romantic boat ride for just the two of us that evening..."
Good series bud :)

I like Uncle Phil and his dog.

The four-digit lock was a hard one. Thanks to @AnnieOminous, I'd not have solved this puzzle without your hint. The last clam was hidden well next to a puzzle. It took me quite some time before I found it.

I like the new cell phone because I no longer have to ring me with a quarter.

To save people time, the code for the tool box is the name of the dog.

this is pretty fun but i cant get the clam over at the boat it just wont let me click it :/