Reviews for "Sneaky Bay Day 5"

I think I'll go live on Sneaky Bay..lol Good job.

Not bad. Short and sweet - nothing new (assuming you've played the previous four).

Damn fish had me stumped - I found it before I got the net - but couldn't remember where I found it. Forgot that both sides of the pier are different...

I like Uncle Phil and his dog.

The four-digit lock was a hard one. Thanks to @AnnieOminous, I'd not have solved this puzzle without your hint. The last clam was hidden well next to a puzzle. It took me quite some time before I found it.

I like the new cell phone because I no longer have to ring me with a quarter.

At first I though doing the same chores again in every chapter might be boring, but then it somehow became a part of the series and I no longer cared. I think I also shouldn't be thinking about logical flaws (grandpa orders a satellite, which is left in a simple, straw-stuffed crate locked with a combination lock; and the combination is hinted on a ship sailing by) and simply enjoy the game – which I really did.

I also like how you build up on the results of previous chapters, the fact that we are finally allowed to carry more wood, and I am curious to find out where you are heading with this series. If it ended simply with building the coolest tourist resort, we might feel a bit cheated, but since there's the mysterious ship, now boat rental and a whole, unexplored jungle just sitting right next to the bay, I believe it will be great. Good Luck and thank you for making all the games for us.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks so much, I hope the end will be great for everyone!

That last clam, he's sneaky! 4 digit code got me too, smart phones are dumbing us down *hint* check the payphone.

selfdefiant responds:

lol, thanks!