Reviews for "Sneaky Bay Day 5"

I suppose someone had to say it...
"On day five I was no longer concerned with the fact that Grandpa was installing various furniture and appliances whilst I slept... I was more concerned that fruity old Uncle Phil had moved in next door, and promised me a romantic boat ride for just the two of us that evening..."
Good series bud :)

So uncle Phil wants you to help him but doesn't give you the password to the toolbox? And you paid for a satellite dish to get delivered but they didn't even give you the combination to open the package? And not one person on the island will give you a dollar to call your freaking mother?

I felt that the grampa was being a troll, putting the hammer into a safety box each time I sleep :p.


I felt this game was alright, but not outstanding. First impressions are everything and while the art is charming and styled enough not to warrant any criticism, the Kingdom Hearts music is a bit of a turn-off. It fit, but rather than be immersed in the game, I was immediately pulled out with the notion that 'yeah, this is Kingdom Hearts' first stage. Damn it'.

Some of the puzzles were okay. The only one that stood out in my mind as really good was the puzzle to get the satellite dish, where upon completion I felt pretty good about myself due to the multiple steps in logic. The puzzle to get the net was okay up until the last clam, which was a little bugged (I actually had to consult the walkthrough here not because I couldn't find it, but because once I did, for some reason clicking wasn't working and I thought that perhaps I needed another item. I didn't).

Was the knife actually useful for anything? Despite the recommendation that I start at episode 1, I simply jumped right in (the story is largely simple enough that you can get away with it). I figure that the knife is probably something you always have on your person and so I don't fault the game for it in this review, but having an item you never use over the course of the game comes off as a little strange.


High points: A couple of good puzzles, charming aesthetic
Low points: The music, the guesswork or idleness involved in some puzzles (toolbox puzzle, waiting for a crab)