Reviews for "Wizurd"

Nicely done, as a whole - good music, nice pixel-art, somewhat addicting gameplay. I'd definitely like to see a bigger version of this.

Some complains, though:
1. Is there a real difference between third and fifth spells? This fireburst seems to be just an upgraded version of lightning, without any caveats.
2. OMG, bless the life-saving table. The gam was so much easier because you could hide behind it and spam fifth spell in most situations. Even flying eyes-type enemies weren't much of a treat there.
3. And, of course, not enough variety - wave 50 was practically the same as wave 10 or wave 30. I suppose this was a more or less conscious choice, of course, but still...

Good work, d00d, keep up!

HenrikSahlin responds:

Thank you so much for your review! We're actually working on a much bigger version that we will release to android and iOS! There will be more stages, bosses and a much more variating wave system, with increasing difficulty and more!

1. The difference between the 3rd and 5th spell is actually that the third spell has a shorter sustain, more damage, and a smaller hitbox, so the fire is actually better for clearing many enemies while the lightning is bettet at killing stronger enemies.

2. Oh yes that table :) it will get changed in the bigger versions of course because it is definitely an easy way to get high scores.

3. As I said, the difficulty doesn't increase after wave 6 gradually, because of the way the waves work, but it will of course increase the difficulty the longer you survive in the bigger versions!

Thanks again and sorry if this respond got way to long. :D


HenrikSahlin responds: