Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

This is probably the best Don't Escape game this far. It has an amazing story, compelling drive, a hook that makes you want to investigate everything, interesting puzzles, Beautiful pixel work, awesome music,multiple endings, and phenomenal gameplay. This don't escape game actually gave me a fighting chance for the best ending, and I got it + all the achievements, which makes me really happy. This game is that of some of the highest caliber! I really hope to see more Don't Escape games like this!

EJECTION! Lol. that was the first thing i clicked. I know what to do tho. good game!

amazing game i am a lover of this pixel art style In other games you need to escape but in this game it is don't escape i have played all off it fully amazing great work.

This is such a great series! The graphics, atmosphere and music are all amazing! I'm looking forward to future installments

This game kinda reminds me of another game I've played before. Horror scenario in space type deal, pixelated. It's called 7 Days a Skeptic. Bit longer than this game though. Love them both, but this one is thankfully less frightening because there are zero chase scenes.