Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

omg...i love it ♥

I love all of you're games!!
I love pixel games <3

P.S you can toss both of you're crystal in there (the bloody one and the one that was in space)
and you can put the bomb on the nest and then you get the ''Hull Breach'' ending!

Not often you see a horror game in space, I gotta admit, living crystals that inhabit a human's body like parasites. That's pretty clever. Good job.

Awesome! It's the best part of this series, I love it.

P.S: There's a little bug. [SPOILER DOWN THERE!]
If you blow up the lab first and "learn the truth" after it, you will be able to return to the lab and blow it up again, and you'll have 5 minutes left regardless of how many time you had before. I've just forgot to check the lab camera, so I guessed the last number of the door code (unlimited trials, a bug maybe...), and found it.

Another amazing Don't Escape chapter, very inspiring!

PS: Anyway, Don't Escape 2 had a lot more possibilities to replay.
The different ways to make differents endings were a little bit soft; Player doesn't make hard calls, or have really to play with time.