Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

Your games = Amazing
I loved every single "Don't Escape" Game, and the second one is my personal favorite.
Good job on making this one! Your work is amazing and I hope you make more in the future, not only "Don't Escape" , but other games too, I feel like they would be just as good, maybe better, and your work is really nice. Thank you for making these games and for all the effort you put in them.


Most definitely my favourite of the Don't Escape series, I absolutely LOVE the ambience in this.

Definitely the best way to end the series, unless this isn't the last one.

why do i get some mager fram rate drops? aside from that i love this game.

we need a sequel


Well made game - just as good as the other two in the series - if not even better.
All the different endings, the background music, the sound effects, and the beginning.
Wow. Just wow.
5/5 Thriller Puzzle!