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Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

I like it :3

I love the Don't Escape trilogy! It took me forever to get every achievement from every game, but it is satisfying. This one was the first one I have played. It took me a little bit to figure out how the game works. I haven't played Don't Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland yet, but I hope I can very soon.

The same base elements from the first game are still present, but the game itself is more linear and story-driven than the previous entries in the series. Exploring the ship and collecting logs to piece together what happened was enjoyable, though the major plot twist was predictable. The atmosphere is great, with the minimal soundtrack and occasional subtle jumpscares successfully making me feel uneasy and anxious. Trying to get all the different endings was fun, and the autosave feature was much appreciated.

Players expecting a "bigger and better" version of the previous entry might be disappointed with this game, but I like that Scriptwelder is willing to play with the established formula of his series. Definitely give this game a chance!


very good but I'm too stupid