Reviews for "Don't Escape 3"

Not often you see a horror game in space, I gotta admit, living crystals that inhabit a human's body like parasites. That's pretty clever. Good job.

Awesome! It's the best part of this series, I love it.

P.S: There's a little bug. [SPOILER DOWN THERE!]
If you blow up the lab first and "learn the truth" after it, you will be able to return to the lab and blow it up again, and you'll have 5 minutes left regardless of how many time you had before. I've just forgot to check the lab camera, so I guessed the last number of the door code (unlimited trials, a bug maybe...), and found it.

Another amazing Don't Escape chapter, very inspiring!

PS: Anyway, Don't Escape 2 had a lot more possibilities to replay.
The different ways to make differents endings were a little bit soft; Player doesn't make hard calls, or have really to play with time.

The best game of this trilogy............... I am really a fan of the creator ^w^.......