Reviews for "Windows Beat 2"

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not as good as the 1st 0ne but its still ok


it was ok, allthough the first one was better.
also: n*gga stole my bike? WTF?

its better than the first

the reason why it is because this one you only used samples from it where the other one doesnt. still, the other sounded better.

i know its not but

1. i think number 1 was a timy but better
2. it sounds a bit like soething you hear out of zela NO OFFENCE


-I seriously think that this owns the first one just because you've made it so that it's not easily seem that it's Windows. I mean, I know the sounds (especially that "System Error" one, darn computer, lolz), but like, it sounded genuinely cool and different than any other Windows mix I've ever heard. Tight, this would work well for a computer themed flash game : D