Reviews for "Trivial Trivia: Newgrounds"

Good enough, nothing really stands out, information seems to be right.

Quick suggestion: the "what color respresents x" questions are a bit too easy considering the bar where you can see that is usually visible while playing, I just had to look up and look for purple.

Also, the 75 points medal doesn't seem to be working, "proud newgrounds member" I don't know, but either that or no one thus far has managed to earn it.

can u do the questions?
what is a bee
what is a tree

Love it!

This is great for old NGers like myself. I got the high score currently :D

A puzzle game about Newgrounds. This was probably your easiest quiz for me.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

Great NG quiz! The choice of questions were good, and challenging! It had medals to keep me motivated to complete it, and I liked that it was almost NEVER the same questions or in the same order! it made it much more challenging. My only problem with this game is that sometimes the medals won't work, and because of that I am taking away half a star. :( 4.5 stars! Great game, just fix the medal problem!

applessmillion responds:

I believe it's since been fixed :)