Reviews for "Trivial Trivia: Newgrounds"

Great NG quiz! The choice of questions were good, and challenging! It had medals to keep me motivated to complete it, and I liked that it was almost NEVER the same questions or in the same order! it made it much more challenging. My only problem with this game is that sometimes the medals won't work, and because of that I am taking away half a star. :( 4.5 stars! Great game, just fix the medal problem!

applessmillion responds:

I believe it's since been fixed :)

can u do the questions?
what is a bee
what is a tree

The question box has no question and I cannot click on any answer. Can't really play...

applessmillion responds:

Can you please provide bit more info?
What question was this?
(if possible), do you remember the question beforehand?

i dont have a good pc so my pc lags like hell win i play this game you mitt whant to add a quality setting or somthing but this is a good game

applessmillion responds:

I'll look into it. Although this game shouldn't be hogging resources or causing noticeable lag.

It interesting, but It doesn't invite me to play it again ( beside the achivements)