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Reviews for "In Love with the Wind"

This is really something else my friend! I´m impressed that you where able to keep recording with that fucking neighbour knocking on the walls.You are true artist man,you deserve all my stars.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for the compliments, and for actually reading through my rant about my neighbor :p
Luckily, I am so used to my neighbor now that I can just lose myself in a track and ignore him, like I did here. But I couldn't try more recordings than 3, as I fear he might go insane.

Simply superb, Lucid! The mixture of Piano One and Yamaha Clavinova lends itself well to the piece, creating a sound that is very full and rich. And by heaven, you certainly did bang this out rather speedily! I am duly impressed. Just one more to go, eh? Gambatte!

I am sorry to hear that your neighbour is so intolerant, not to mention rather unstable. The actual percussive sound of striking the keys bothers him? How utterly absurd, though I have admittedly come into contact with a similar ilk in my time. Such a shame, and I hope that he doesn't punch any holes in the walls with his bloody cane! Methinks he could use a nice, relaxing cup of tea...

All that aside, I do indeed hear some familiar nuances from anime and video games, and since I've been playing the FFX HD Remaster quite a bit lately, it would be hard to not make comparisons even if part of it weren't rather reminiscent of sections from the Ending Theme. But regardless of all those little moments of nostalgia, this piece remains wholly new and original...and totally you.

On a side note, I'm not sure when I'll be releasing my next track, but I am currently working on a little something for Pixel Day! There will also be another singalong starting up around mid January, though Step won't officially be available for mixing until February. Suffice to say, there may or may not be something before January 23rd... Time will tell! :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for writing another huge review! I can't wait to get my "revenge" on you :)

Yeah, I find that both my Clavinova and Piano One are good in their own ways, but none of them is really perfect alone. I thought I'd blend them, and the results are pretty neat. It's not the best available sound out there, but it will do :)

And I am indeed guilty of banging on the piano keys for sure. But it's necessary to play with emotion! Thanks; the final piece is a secret special that's already ready for upload on the 31th.

My neighbour probably has some real anger issues. He kept on banging full power more than a minute after I had stopped playing... I mean, yes, he can hear
the percussive sound from the keys through the walls, but still. I always play during day time, when youre allowed to. And sometimes he starts literally in the same minute as I do :(
I'm afraid that he's beyond being rescued by tea, despite its magical calming powers.

And yeah. That FFX Ending Theme thing is the only thing I intentionally mimicked, because I know Jordi likes the piece. I should replay the game too!!! I know that a few parts also sound a bit like the FF7 soundtrack (like the Piano Collections arrangement of Tifa's Theme).
I'm glad to hear that this sounds original in the end though; I worked really hard on this piece today. I wanted it to still have that LSD quality to it, of course. Wouldn't want to disappoint :D

Oh yes! I can't wait to hear something new from you, as I've probably already told you a few times!! :O

I'm looking forward to your Pixel Day track, and of course, for yet another of the amazing singalongs!

Be well, my friend :3

Hey, what about my charms? lol ;D

Well, I do love this piece and I still can't wait for Audra's theme I still feel that every piece you put out gets better and better. As for the man with the cane, he gets a live performance and I must say it would be worth it and the man is lucky to even be near such talent. It's similar to a group I love called PMJ. Scott Bradlee started out in his apartment but people complained. Now people recognize the group world wide so :P His loss in my opinion on some really good art.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oh, you definitely have your charms ;)
Just like EtherealWinds, you have an amazing voice. And hey! I've already made a few tracks for your project, and I will get them all done.

Because of my blunders, and the long wait, I will try to make Audra's theme the best theme on the entire BRUCE soundtrack. I will still be free from school for 11 days after New Years Eve. And I will finally have all other projects done now for New Year. I've been spending so many sleepless nights on tying everything together. It's pretty silly, but I really wanted to reach 52 tracks uploaded this year; one for each week. But I had so many missing by the end of the year, that I've had to work immensly on getting everything done. But now I feel proud, and as if I have made 2015 the most important year for me, musicwise. The new year should bring me a lot of new energy :)

As for my neighbor, I know he probably hasn't had the best possible life. So I guess he's taking it out on others. Oh yeah! I have heard of PMJ too.

I think it'll take a while before I compose something as emotional as this though. At least for me, I feel like I put a lot into the performance, despite my neighbor :)
Thank you!

Etherealwinds is one of my top 2 favorite NG musicians :D

It's very difficult for me to review piano songs because of my very limited music theory knowledge and the fact that I usually talk a lot about mixing in my reviews. This is actually my favorite type of music. I love anime style piano songs. I even prefer it over classical solo piano. The piano vsts sound amazing together. I think you should do it that way until you can buy a better vst. Did you change the key at 2:00? This is my second favorite song from you :D

Have you heard of ai otsuka? She's a Japanese pop singer but most of her songs are piano based. "Planetarium" is my favorite.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot! Sorry for the slightly delayed reply; I was actually talking to EtherealWinds right then and there :)

No worries, I honestly know very little of theory too. I just like playing, and that's pretty much it. I love anime style music as well. I really like Japanese music used for games, and movies in general. It's great to hear that the piano sounds is actually nice, not just to me. I should probably learn to redo it (it was pretty much a thing I just did in the moment). I'll think of what you said! But also, I think it'll depend a bit on what kind of a track I'm making :p

It's great to hear that you like this song! It automatically became one of my favorites. But I know I could still do a few things a bit better in it :3

I haven't heard of Ai Otsuka. But Jordi says that he has, and he thanked you for the nice words. I will check that track out later for sure, but now, past 10am, I should get some sleep.
Thanks a lot for listening, liking and reviewing!

EDIT: Oh, and yeah! I did change the key at 1:55 and 2:01 (twice in pretty quick succession, thanks to the chromatic descent in the left hand). I actually change the key at a lot of places, but that is probably the most noticable change :)

I was reading katawa shoujo and then listening to this maserpiece... dem feels! T_T

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oh wow, that would give you dem feels indeed :O
Thank you for listening, and sorry for the late response!