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Reviews for "Tough Love Machine"

I'd imagine your supposed to play this with some one, but I have no one to play with so it's a bit tricky. But otherwise a good game concept!!! :3

This is a really really great puzzle game :)

Amazing puzzle concept, like none I've ever seen before.

The graphics are retro and colorful, I feel like I'm in a party full of neon lights while I play this. The lack of music is intentional, as every move the player makes plays a musical note according to how stretched the "arm" is. In fact, I found myself often trying to play songs using the two "arms". I kinda managed to play the initial notes of Swan Lake, I swear. I love the colorful "neon fanfare" we get whenever we beat a level, too.

The gameplay is pretty unique. In a sokoban-like fashion, the objective of the game is to push certain objects to a certain destination, except with gravity. To push the objects, you have to use two hands that can only stretch to a certain length, and whose arms also serve as platforms to make tricky moves. The objective is to place the two hearts beside one another, and things get pretty tricky. In order to solve a stage, you really have to master using the hands to push around, using the arms as impromptu platforms, trying to stretch arms as little as possible to give more room for movement in certain places, pushing cogwheels, gravity-immune bubbles, getting around walls, and overall thinking very hard to solve each puzzle.

In each level, there's this really negative message at the bottom of the screen. I kinda dislike how the texts in the bottom of the screen constantly show pessimistic and insulting messages, it feels out of place. I mean, wasn't this game supposed to be about love? This is making me sad, for real. I thought the messages would finally start being positive the more I advanced, but never happened. Why? :(

Anyways, this is a great puzzle game, provided a great deal of challenge and made me think a lot. This would be a perfect score if the game hadn't made me feel bad. 4.5/5

This is so nice! So lovely!

Very good puzzle game. Very original too. It requires a lot of out of the box thinking. The solutions are often the simplest ones, which means that you can get stuck on one level trying a lot of complicated things while the solution is just right there.

Very, VERY good job