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Reviews for "Tough Love Machine"

I know this is a small detail, but I love the fact you've created a fun game without all the standard running and jumping, which is really getting repetitive in flash games nowadays. I also love how the heart doesn't just stick to the arm when it's atop the arm, a small detail like that would make things too easy. Great game.

Finally, there are still people out there capable of coming up something that has been remade a thousand times and providing something really new.
A really mind bending concept which took me a bit to get used to. I see great potential for a two player online game, each controlling one of the hands, constantly yelling at each other via Team Speak :D
Some music with an obligatory mute button and we have an A+ game :)
Keep up the good work!


I'd imagine your supposed to play this with some one, but I have no one to play with so it's a bit tricky. But otherwise a good game concept!!! :3

What an excellent game! Level 3 had me for ages.... A little music would be appreciated.

Hats off to you for presenting us an original concept.

Holy shit I took almost a perect hour to beat this game and I enjoyed every second, man this game was tough, I was so stuck on the last level but after like my 400th try I got it I love love love this game and the ending was super cute 10/5 stars gameplay-wise BUT it could use something lol because the deafening background silence makes it SUPER awkward. That's why the -1/2 a star, other than that, I loved the game through and through!!!!