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Reviews for "Tough Love Machine"

Those sound effects are almost as addictive as the game itself.

A tutorial would REALLY help. This game suffers from making the gamer feel lost from the beginning. And I'm pretty sure there's got to be a function that I missed or something.

really awesome game, tough and when you figure it out it feels good :)

Tough yet fair, I love it!

I found a glitch: when one hand (say, the right one) carries a heart and the other hand is in front of a cogwheel, when you make the right hand go downward, the left is able to get through the cog.
I made a gif: http://i.imgur.com/qCC34sG.gif

I don't know how a puzzle game can be so pretty and full of melancholy but it is, and it's wonderful. I had to spend quite a bit of time thinking through some of the levels.