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Reviews for "Where is 2015?"

Graphics are brilliant! Thanks for taking us with you for an adventure into some unknown place. I really liked that we could zoom into certain locations to search for objects.

After going through all spots again, I was able to find four balls, six whale teeth, seven (out of eight) golden tongues, and flip 11 (out of 12) switches. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the game with two keys missing. I wish there was a fairy to give me some pointers.

Sound effects are appropriate and vary from month to month.

awww, skuzzy this was HARd! awesomeness! thank you again for making such a lovely fun game with nice sounds and lovely scenes. ;) I favor more mechanisms though, sometimes. and look forward to your next escape! ;) so much fun this was.

This game is both good and bad! a lot of time has gone in to the "point and click" search puzzle with nicely photographed scenery and objects to look at. a calendar to select months of the year in order to find your clues to progress further is nice... the bad side of it is as my only quibble its very time consuming trying to find bits to progress and i still havnt found certain pieces now despite dedicating time to finding them.. sad i know. this game needs a walkthrough to help out just a bit in order to find what you dont come across.. appart from that the author has done a really good job and should be proud!

Amazing, and I also managed to solve almost 97% of the enigmas without resuming to the walkthrough on Youtube. :) Although, I do agree with SensitiveJerk: just go for a coloured arrow, instead of a hand, because sometimes it was REALLY hard to find things. Overall, an amazing job!

i like the work of Mateusz-Skutnik really much...and i found this game just by coincidence ^^ sounds are cool..i like them.and nice closeups of places..but....the factor of searching is so heavy, that it brings me down after a while....to much hotspots i think...but maybe iam to impatient ;) at the end i found everything but one of each elements and i had to cheat on his side ;) for someone who finds everyting on his own the endscreen is a little sobering..