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Reviews for "Where is 2015?"

Great way to pass some time!! I think I have found everything...except what do I do with the (5) Stone Sun Symbols?? I have no clue, someone please point me in the right direction!!

Hejka! Czy wszystkie zdjęcia robiłeś sam(jeśli tak to czy wszystkie były w Polsce)? Z góry dzięki za odpowiedz. Pozdro.

This isn't a puzzle. This is just pixel hunting. All I can do is find a calendar, the number 1, and a tooth.

Also, why is this tagged 2016?

awww, skuzzy this was HARd! awesomeness! thank you again for making such a lovely fun game with nice sounds and lovely scenes. ;) I favor more mechanisms though, sometimes. and look forward to your next escape! ;) so much fun this was.

Very fun game! Challenging and engaging, I thought. Nice job!