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Reviews for "Where is 2015?"

Amazing, and I also managed to solve almost 97% of the enigmas without resuming to the walkthrough on Youtube. :) Although, I do agree with SensitiveJerk: just go for a coloured arrow, instead of a hand, because sometimes it was REALLY hard to find things. Overall, an amazing job!

Fly, you fools.

Very good game, visually pleasing and takes a lot of time but it's interesting enough to keep my attention while being a relaxing game.

Graphics of course are splendid. It's just that one dumb stupid chance I miss a spot to click and that could potentially mean I never finish the game. It's one of those "is it really worth finding that last piece?" questions.
The 8th month has switches to a vault (IMO the hardest because it requires the most finds).
The 9th month has an orca who wants their teeth back. Simple enough.

For those trying to figure out (spoilers):

The first initial area has a sign you need to find 3 letters to.
The 5th month has a (squirrel in a penguin suit?) that wants his balls (giggity). There are four of them.
The 7th month has a spot above the helmet to place sun symbol thingies.
The 11th month has frogs wanting golden tongues.

I can't tell you where to find everything. Bit ridiculous through written instructions. and a video will be far better. The goal is to complete each set which gives you a key (four in total) which you use on the door on the 12th month.

My suggestion to the creator: make the cursor change color instead of just the pointing going from an arrow to a hand. It's not good enough because this game REQUIRES finding every image, area, and item. Even as subtle as changing the hand icon to a yellow color would suffice. I basically found everything the same way you'd move your mouse around like using the paintbrush in MS Paint. There's just got to be a better way. Also, actually seeing the items was fine... except for those few couple that just seemingly blended in immaculately in their surroundings. For example, the tooth on the roof of the 10th month. If I were colorblind I'd never finish the game. lol

howd the chicken know my name??

This game is both good and bad! a lot of time has gone in to the "point and click" search puzzle with nicely photographed scenery and objects to look at. a calendar to select months of the year in order to find your clues to progress further is nice... the bad side of it is as my only quibble its very time consuming trying to find bits to progress and i still havnt found certain pieces now despite dedicating time to finding them.. sad i know. this game needs a walkthrough to help out just a bit in order to find what you dont come across.. appart from that the author has done a really good job and should be proud!