Reviews for "Nude Paintings Parodies"

Finally some Hieronymus Bosch and it is for the kinky edition? really...

Munguia responds:

Hi Doomroar, thanks for comment and play, you can find Hieroymus Bosch on both versions of Horror Paintings Parodies, :)

Always an easy and interesting way to learn about art. Please make more

This is just as hard, creative and humorous as the others, but even sexier as well!

Quite a good game. I recognised most of the paintings. Very good, 5/5 stars.

Great game as all games from this series of painting parody quizzes. As always - funny, educational and in this case also sexy.

Half of women in this game are called Venus, hmm.

The parodies are funny I liked the one for Birth of Venus by Cabanel especially - that's what would ruin that magic moment for sure.

The false answers also provide a lot of fun - it would have been great if someone actually painted Elizabeth I nude and in that position!