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Reviews for "Nude Paintings Parodies"

I love your style, it's kinda trippy, and I like it. Good job!

"It's not porn. It's art."

-Zone Tan.

You'd think this would be the most popular out of all of these. :) Always entertaining, and educational, and even more so of both when there's nudity in the mix... seems like most of the iconic art pieces of the world are of this sort. Will be missing these parodies in the future...


Great game as all games from this series of painting parody quizzes. As always - funny, educational and in this case also sexy.

Half of women in this game are called Venus, hmm.

The parodies are funny I liked the one for Birth of Venus by Cabanel especially - that's what would ruin that magic moment for sure.

The false answers also provide a lot of fun - it would have been great if someone actually painted Elizabeth I nude and in that position!

HAHA all thanks to my fine art history classes!!! by the way good game