Reviews for "Bugg & Mr. Hill"

That was freaking amazing! I admit that I have no idea at all what was going on with it, though. I didn't care! The artwork was just wonderfully gorgeous. Yeah, I did think it was dumb how, well, it was dumb. I have no clue on what it is I just saw.

I do know that there are lots of talented people working on it. I think the most memorable part was when that green guy first appeared. Sorry, it's hard to really grasp when you first see it. The music was quite nice as well. I just appreciate the tone.

this is fucking awesome dude, great job

Excellent animation and excellent voice actors, deserves 5 stars, it has oney as voice actor no need for more words.

It's pretty clear they both had it coming. With Hill's gangsta demeanor and Bugg's petty criminal background, they really have only themselves to blame for a lifestyle that led them to this point. The police are just doing their job, and having to deal with thugs like those two makes it difficult for everyone.

Great work! This is really well done. I like your other animation Jump Jump as well! Can't wait to see more!