Reviews for "Super Muzzle Flash"

Good job, guys!

Great game, but there's flaws.

One of them is the wonky mouse. This definitely screws over your timing.
Second one is how you're supposed to remember the ghosts. Especially in Easy mode, would've been easier if the lights turned off slower for easier modes.
Third one is the music. It just lasts 4 minutes before cutting out entirely (although i didn't have the time to hear it).

Otherwise, great and addictive.

I'll give ya 5 M8 but there is 1 .. or even 2 problems. First one is music. Dat Second one is music too.
In Dis Web Super Muzzle Flash music isnt looped. Dat means it ends after like 4 minutes of playing ;-; Dat second problem is biggah. Dat Mobile version .. There is completely no music M8 ._. Dat Sax M8
Cuz I Luv Dis Epic Music. Kei. I think you'll fix dis cuz i gave ya 5 and u luv music too.

A lack of upgrades is the only reason i gave this 3/5 otherwise it is a very addictive game! nice submission

Nice Game i get how you have to rember where the ghosties are but you have to keep shooting them or the lights wont turn on. I only played it 2 times but good game over all.