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Reviews for "Super Chibi Knight"

The game looks amazing and it plays fairly well, but the combat was repetitive.
Also, the distinct lack of special bar regen makes the level in the mine incredibly tedious. I kept having to restart it because I only had enough power to hadouken twice!
Oh, and I wouldn't recommend binding the dash key in a platformer to double-tapping left or right. That makes precision impossible, and makes it hard to air-dash with real effectiveness.

BoMToons responds:

In the real game (on Steam) dash is bound to the bumper pads on the controller. You only need 2 hadouken shots in the mine...

really game wow i'm love that game ^_^

It's a pretty crap game. The game requires you to mash mash mash mash MASH MASH MASH MASH the attack button OVER and OVER again, which is a better way of breaking your fingers than playing StarCraft professionally. The block button is USELESS! There's like, 3 attacks that you can actually block! The bosses are unfair and dumb and they don't feel memorable. Sand worm is Sand in the middle of the screen and spam attack worm. Ork is Stand on the steps and spam attack ork. Blue flying dude is Stand on the ledge and spam attack blue flying dude. See what I mean? The dash button is basically useless, the only time I used it was when the game forced me to. Or, when I tried to move very carefully in a boss fight or in a platforming section and the dash activated, flinging me either to starting the boss all over again or dying. Other than that, it's a decent time-waster if you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING left to do. Definitely don't waste 10 bucks buying this game on Steam unless you're Donald Trump and have a small loan of a million dollars to waste, or if it's on sale and you can get it for 80 cents or less.

alright, i must say. I had a few problems with this game: Im gonna be honest here. After playing this game. the finger i used to press the attack button with. Felt sore, or just hurt in general just due to how much you have to mash it in this game. Another issue i had, was i felt that the block button was almost useless, only a few moments when i said "I could block dis!" as most attacks penetrate block completely. My final issue would be that the entrance to boss rooms, does not close upon walking through them. The big issue i have from that is that there had been times...where i had to completely restart bosses in a weakened condition, just because i either accidentally or panicked when dodging an attack, activated the roll maneuver and found myself in the room before the boss, having to do it again...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!...Block off the entrance once you start the fight.

other then those things, i had a somewhat enjoyable time, i'd give it a nice clean average score.

Holy carp! I knew this was going to be amazing, but this just blew me away! I remember playing the original Chibi Knight and being wowed by the graphics, music and sound effects and this is all that and more!

BoMToons responds:

Glad an OG is returning to play the latest installment!