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Reviews for "Super Chibi Knight"

Cool graphics and animation effects

BoMToons responds:


I love Chibi Knight, but this...... i super love it ;) *thumps up* Im gone buy this Game. It's worth it :)

BoMToons responds:

Thanks a ton, you'll love the full version too!

very nice game nice i love graphic <3

BoMToons responds:

<3 <3

Mn. Nice to see something that tries to be large and expansive and all, but there's some striking problems:

Lag. My computer is old, but still. Exp doesn't really need to be in tokens, and the game doesn't need to save that often

Actually, I'm not quite sure why regular enemies drop Exp at all, given how little they drop and how much you get for bosses/quest completion

I don't think blocking does anything? At least, it's never worked on anything I've wanted to block

Lack of any up/down attacking is frustrating. The sandworm in particular seems designed to mock you for not having it. Unless I just missed the ability, I guess

Speaking of moderately cruel game design, the pit requiring you to use the fireball twice is annoying when the special gauge doesn't regenerate

Given that dying just kicks you out of the dungeon with full health and special, there's no reason for damage or special gauge depletion to carry over at all

Having to walk out of random encounters is just annoying. They should end when everything's dead

BoMToons responds:

Try fullscreen to get rid of some lag (press "F")

Blocking does a lot, I've seen lots of people use it to great advantage. Esp. against projectiles.

Sandworm is all about pattern perception and attacking in the right place(s).

Even with level 0 magic, you can shoot 2 fireballs with a full magic bar. I designed it that way specifically for the pit.

Thanks for checking it out, having it auto exit when all enemies are dead is a pretty good idea, but wouldn't work for, say, the dungeons and the later, more expansive multi-screen levels.

I love the airship and the GOTY reference!

BoMToons responds:

Hee hee, some day I will retrieve my trophy from the firey forge of Tom's heart.