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Reviews for "Super Chibi Knight"

Good game, but god man, the controls.

I found myself accidentally dashing into Spikes countless times. The Double-Tap window needs to be smaller, or I need the ability to turn that off in general.

Also, I found myself mashing buttons a lot, which is fine, but when I'm jumping, hopping, and having a good time, I instantly skip dialog that may have been important. In most cases, I'm able to talk to the NPC again. Still though, there needs to be at least a second delay or so after talking to an NPC before you're able to skip their text.

Lastly, when the controls are stated to the player, the Quest Button needs to be a bit more obvious. It took me a minute or two to see the "Q" Button in the top left.

With that considered, this is still a pretty fun and decent game, but I feel that it lacked the polish the previous game had. The lag and what-not I can understand, but the issues I mentioned are likely to appear on PC and Consoles too.

BoMToons responds:

The tap lag can be adjusted from the pause menu (press P)

Great game.

I can only find 3 of the 5 warriors that teach you new moves.

BoMToons responds:

The other 2 are in the full version!

Hey man I respect what you did here. Every pixel shows your dedication and love for this project, which is the main spirit of indie games. Keep up the good work!

BoMToons responds:

Thanks, I really poured me heart into this!

pretty cool except it keeps crashing the internet when I go into certain buildings which is quite annoying.