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Reviews for "Super Chibi Knight"

Overall, I find almost everything in this game to be awesome. Granted yeah it's not a complete version of the game but hey, "Binding of Isaac" has a web version and it's not complete, yet people praise the crap out of that game. I'll consider trying out the full version of this game one day.

Onto the feedback and questions I want to give to this game though:
1: Can't you at least give us ONE magic spell? I mean it's nice that you gave us the preview of how awesome beast tamers are but having one magic spell would be awesome. Unless it's those set of magic you get from the first Chibi Knight.
2: Whatever happened to the old armor and stats chibi knight had? (Yeah game logic, but if you can, I really would appreciate it if you can answer that).
3: Can you be BOTH a spellcaster AND a beast tamer? or only one path?
4: I guess by doing something evil to the boy, you lose the opportunity to obtain the spin attack. The part where the mother said she sense darkness in you...is that her reply to knowing of your evil doings to her child or what?
5: The part where you fight the secret boss...that one is what prevented me from giving you the full five stars. It stinks that when you die, you have to start ALL over again. That is just painfully tedious, especially when he gets a first cheap shot at you since you're in the middle of the alter where he spawns and just so happen to cough out a generous amount of burn.

Other than that, the music fits well in the game, and the gameplay works like the old chibi knight. Especially with that cute voice of his :3.

Well, anyway I'll hopefully be able to try out your full version, cheers.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, the secret boss is a bit cheap, but hey, think about what you just did! And yeah, doing that forfeits ever getting the spin attack... but the ork cave opens up so you can continue the game anyway (just sans spin attack). I hope you decide to check out the full game!

HOW CAN YOU RUIN SUCH AN AWESOME GAME?! You come here to a free game portal and make an amazing (tough a little lagy) game and ruin it by making it a non complete version only available on steam?! NO POINTS FOR YOU. Next time upload a complete game if you want a real score.

BoMToons responds:

Ha ha, sorry it's not the full game... but the full game is SO worth it!

Great feel and use of mythos. What's with the use of japanese romanization names though? (Oukoko=kingdom, mahou=magic, etc.)

BoMToons responds:

Ha ha, nice catch! That is my weird way of paying homage to japanese games that butchered their english translations! :-D

I think it's a great game. If I'm able to play it at all. I made my save and I'm pressing the select button but it wont work. Can you fix it?

BoMToons responds:

Save might be corrupted if it's not loading.... probably have to erase it and restart.

I found so many super secret exp bags once I was already maxed, but I can't find the last two glitch bros for the life of me.

And how do you get the Kali and Forest Offender medals?

It's kind of weird how you can start doing a quest sometimes before you've talked to the guy who gives it to you. Like I talked to this guy who said I have two manna orbs remaining even though he hadn't told me to find manna orbs.

BoMToons responds:

Last 2 glitch bros are in the full version :-D

Do something evil after you rescue the boy to get those 2 secret medals...