Reviews for "Super Chibi Knight"

I found so many super secret exp bags once I was already maxed, but I can't find the last two glitch bros for the life of me.

And how do you get the Kali and Forest Offender medals?

It's kind of weird how you can start doing a quest sometimes before you've talked to the guy who gives it to you. Like I talked to this guy who said I have two manna orbs remaining even though he hadn't told me to find manna orbs.

BoMToons responds:

Last 2 glitch bros are in the full version :-D

Do something evil after you rescue the boy to get those 2 secret medals...

I really wanted to try this one but, the lag won't even let me choose a name in both half and full screen mode.

For a demo is was fun. The main issue i take with it is the controller bug and the insane lag the caused me to refresh my browser several times playing the game.

Despite the lag being an issue for the web port, that's just a poor excuse for it not being implemented properly for it's web premiere. A High performance gaming computer should NOT have slow down on a simple flash game. The game itself. Grinding and boring. Uninteresting terrain that is repeated throughout the surface areas with clunky movement on top of combat controls sometimes entirely unresponsive to your keyboard presses. A linear little side scrolling adventure game banking on the success of the first installment. I find it cute how a dad and daughter made this together, but it's just poorly optimized. More solid response to your key presses, and lowering the performance issues would be a good idea, but as it stands this is not a good way to advertise a 10 dollar game on Steam.

It's an alright time waster, I just wouldn't spend money on it. Mostly just the clunky controls and movement ruining it.

An awesome sequel for an already great game.Even though it was a demo i enjoyed it more than the original-