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Reviews for "Super Chibi Knight"

nice game i downloaded it and it was good

Has a really annoying glitch where the sword gets trapped in the special attack animation and won't go out unless you die or talk to someone. This can make boss fights unwinnable.

Great game, love the cute artstyle!

BoMToons responds:

Thank you! I hope you grab the full version on Steam too! https://store.steampowered.com/app/283080/Super_Chibi_Knight/

i found an exploit, if you spam attack on the levers that are inside tom's war blimp you can get infinite amounts of exp

BoMToons responds:

Wow! Those shouldn't give you XP!

There is a little bug if u spam attack too much, your special keeps on charging forever and the animation becomes glitched and can only be fixed by you running into someone and taking damage. Hope u fix this if u didn't spot this in your steam version and good game but lag seems to make it run at 10fps on the web version (because of either my crappy pc or flash porting issues) and last mistake the game saves too much, overloading the browsers cookies. Im still giving this rating cuz of your hard work on this game and definitely shows alot put into it.Thank you for atleast making a web version :3 (cuz i know some devs who leave u in suspense then when the game is finally released its only on steam,and they don't even bother making a web version)....I know im late but yh whatever and the nostalgia!! and welcome back!!