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Reviews for "Amidst the Stars (2015)"

One of my favorite songs when the original came out. This one is even better and I absolutely love it.
Those endless nights of studying late at night while listening to the "Original" just made everything better.

Just like the old times with the original, this reworked song really enhances that feeling I had when I first listened to it. Literally I think of this song as going flying up in a space rocket (0:10 - 1:00) then finally reaching out to the stars (1:05 - 2:05) flying around in circles aimlessly before spotting planets that just zoom by (2:06 - 2:30). It's just a heavenly experience for me. Really great song and loving the rework

Thank you so much!
The new sounds are great and is much more pleasing!

I feel like the ending could have been a bit better but everything else in this song is just great to listen.