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Reviews for "Bvbbles"

It's Ok, my favourite part was probably the music, very demo-scene in the background. Really needs a warning when the colour is about to change or a grace period that stops the last colour killing you for a while.
I'd have preferred if there was a bit less momentum to the player - less time between start of acceleration and top speed, and movement key release and stop but that's just me. Maybe the speed of the rings would need to be sped up to balance the difficulty if that happened but IMO solid controls on a hard game is hard to beat: make the player feel like when they die it was because they weren't quick enough on the controls, not that the controls weren't responsive enough.

gl with future games.

Took me 1 hour to know what I have to do, then I read the description LOL.

I thing its ok. But you can make it better!

Eh. It's pretty nice, I guess. The idea is pretty neat, but it could be done a little better. For one thing, sometimes there wasn't any bubbles of the current color, so all I could do was wait. And waiting isn't very fun... And sometimes, the bubbles were too close together, so I couldn't get the bubble I wanted in the middle without getting hurt. :( The music is great! I've heard similar music from Skellus' Linx games. Actually, can I ask what program you used to compose the music?! I've been wondering... Anyway, the music is great. The sound effects are... well, the gameplay sounds are literally ripped straight from Minecraft. I admit, they fit pretty well. And the gameover sound effect is... a generic cartoon "wah-wah" thing, so that's pretty bleh. Overall, this game is okay, but could be alot better. 2/5 stars...

(PS: When I switched back to this tab (I'm on the game over screen), the very end of the game over sound effect played. Weird...)

Cyxo responds:

Okn thanks for your comment. I didn't make the music myself, and I don't know who it is from. All I know is that it is named "Happy Chiptune". Of course, the sound effect comes from Minecraft. And as I used Construct 2 free, I have my 50-max events, so I can't add anything to the game (too bad...). I could recode it completely but it would be long... And I don't have enough time to do that.

Pretty good concept. As for having to wait until the bubbles available match the color, that's an avoid game for you.

However, I've hit a glitch or two. I stopped losing lives when I hit a bubble of the wrong color, and then I lost the color square entirely. The result was a runaway in score and level. Screen's full of bubbles now, and I'm at nearly level 1000.

Cyxo responds:

I recently got that glitch too, I really don't know where it comes from...