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Reviews for "Bvbbles"

This game is cool! It reminds me of old Atari games

I don't see what all the negative reviews are about sure the graphics aren't great and there is the occasional glitch but fundamentally it's a solid avoid/arcade game that's better than a lot of things i've seen get through judgement on here

Cyxo responds:

Thank you :)
I just finished a graphical update, after all those "negative reviews", I'm going to update the game.
Hope you'll enjoy it ;)

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Good, but uses the exact same sounds from Minecraft. Except for the gameover sound.

Cyxo responds:

Is Minecraft soundtrack a problem ?

The game looks awfully simplistsic; some better transitions and a better menu screen would have been appreciated. The square colour changes quite quickly, so it would be nice to see some upgrades (e.g. cursor speed).

The music is fine. However, I've also noticed you can't mute the sound, which makes it a bit awkward when you've got something playing in the background. Recommend listening to the music, but don't enforce it.


Cyxo responds:

Well, I made this game with Construct 2 Free a while ago, and I already have the 50 max events, so that I can't add sound muting or thing like that. Maybe if I have time to, I'll fully recode it in HTML5 - JS, but I'm currently really busy.

Thanx anyway for your useful comment ;)