Reviews for "Arcade Thief"

Fun game bro:3

Rixium responds:

Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I liek how the guard said ... "You can't steal!" (while flapping his arms like ... i'm going 2 fly) ;v...

Nice game.

would have liked if you were typing actual words, or maybe a story. Overall great game just lacked coherence for me.

I give this game a good score because it is a fun way to learn typing without looking at keyboard. I will save this to my favorites and use if I ever need to adjust to a new keyboard. If not for the training factor I would give this 3 stars.

There is a bug - sometimes the score in end game credits jumps abnormaly high. This will not award the over 9000 medal trough.

A major thing to improve - replay command needs to be activated with spacebar, otherwise it takes too long to remove hand from mouse and place it on keyboard again, with game starting instantly it's two possible right arm letters lost.

Also the arrow keys and looking for the guard was unnecessary and would be to hard to combine with placing arm back to proper typing position anyway.

Rixium responds:

You have made some great points, thank you!