Reviews for "Arcade Thief"

Is a nice game to waste some time and just have a bit of fun x3

I liek how the guard said ... "You can't steal!" (while flapping his arms like ... i'm going 2 fly) ;v...

would have liked if you were typing actual words, or maybe a story. Overall great game just lacked coherence for me.

Question what crime are you committing exactly.

Fairly basic but enjoyable, unique and well put together.

The Good:
+Art is nothing amazing but it reminds me of retro NG games.
+Music fits nicely
+The game does cause your eyeballs to jump around a bit with the randomly appearing letters and the approaching guard.

The Bad:
-The game is just too basic to be fun for more than a few minutes. It's a fun timewaster for those few minutes though.

As a final note, nice gta reference with the font and busted screen :P.
Verdict: 4/5, 7/10.