Reviews for "Arcade Thief"

Not bad but not very!
Cool! but this is not guard this is wizard

Nice game.

3 seconds 4500 BUSTED

Fun time waster.

OMG - you must need gold coins to play in that arcade!! No wonder they need a guard ;)

If you can touch type, then its not too difficult. Didn't really use the arrow keys to look around - mostly because I was touch typing, so can't really use the arrow keys AND press keys quickly. Maybe use the left and right shift keys to look around? (I can hold a shift key while touch typing). Also, looking around is not really beneficial to actually playing the game for three reasons: 1) when looking left and right, you can't type (possibly fixed by using shift key?) 2) when looking left or right, letters can appear off screen (the letter should stay in view); and 3) the guard appearing on the edge of the central view is more than enough warning to stop typing (maybe the guard needs glasses?).

Yeah - I too would have like some key phrases thrown in every now an then - like "idchoppers" or "astart". A shame the Konami code does nothing...

But hey - it's still a fun short little game!

Enjoyable enough. Good job :)